90% Wont Read This, 10% Who Do, Will Profit

90% Wont Read This, 10% Who Do, Profit 

New traders often seek to form unique investment strategies yet they all do the same thing, they lose money in complex strategies that they themselves can’t explain without a 900 page thesis. There goal to be unique actually pushes them into the 90% crowd of market participants who lose money each and every year (very quietly). If they really wanted to be unique, they would be able to do so by learning how to trade professionally and do the complete opposite of the new trader crowd. There egos keep them from doing so, trust me, I did the same when I started in 2007. 

Below you will see what it is like for the average trader who wants to teach himself, long story short, they lose money, and more importantly, they lose time. Over the last decade we went from being that trader teaching himself and losing money, to being on the flip side of teaching thousands of smart new investors who want to save time and avoid those painful blow ups. 

You will learn more about our technical analysis training that will benefit you once you start your journey as a Trading Experts trader!


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How Trading Begins for Virtually Everyone

Can you relate to Benjamin's experience? I sure as hell could when I first started trading in 2007. Weeks leading into the financial crisis, anxiety was present at every market open, knowing that all I would be looking at was a sea of red in my account. As traders, we have all been there. We first enter the market looking to make a quick buck and find out even faster how easy it is to lose (a lot of) money, especially with a haphazard approach. After my first year of trading, I highly considered changing my buy keys to sell keys since I was so good at buying lows and selling lower.


I had no time to learn, however, all the time to lose.

(now we buy high and seller higher, but shhh that's a secret)


Fast forward over a decade later of trading, half of that time spent as a professional trader (Series 7,56,63) on Wall Street where we went from the home gamer, to prop traders to investment bankers. We have seen it all and have cherry picked all the best strategies and secrets along the way by combining it into a simple swing trading system that works in all market conditions. It took us a decade of learning that you can learn in weeks or months!



Most new traders assume that they need a huge brokerage account to start. What if we told you that is a lie that brokers pitch to new traders?


When you start learning with Trading Experts, you don't even need a brokerage account to start learning how to trade. Before we continue let's go over 4 reasons why you should not join!


If you want to get rich quick, do not join Trading Experts

If you don't want to read daily, do not join us

If you don't want to save weekly, don’t join

If you don't want to improve daily, don’t join


Now if you want to build wealth, read daily, save weekly and strive to improve each and every day, than we just might be able to help speed up the process. If you are looking to invest in your and your family's financial future, we can help save you time. For myself, after losing 6 figures, the motivator to turn my trading around was to be able to take care of my parents in retirement.


Today my passion for helping new traders is being able to see them achieve the same goal of helping their families. On June 4th 2019, Nick Neef achieve his first comma day ($1,000 day) with us after a year, he is maxing out his Roth IRA, his 401k and saving weekly in his taxable account while working full time and on his path toward reaching his longer term goal of $1 million in assets. Now before you can help your family, you first need to help yourself!


Remember Benjamin who lost 31% of his account in his first year trying to teach himself?



Doing what most others are doing (that’s working) can be a remarkably efficient shortcut toward your end goal 




After learning from our first 4 programs, Benjamin went from a year of losing money, to recovering his losses in one month as a Trading Experts member!


Now we nudged him down the right path, and he took off running. If you think swiping your credit card and doing nothing will yield the same results, you are greatly mistaken. So if you are willing to put in 5-10 minutes of learning a day, you will be amazed at how much you improve in just the first 30 days.



Remember how you would buy a stock you heard from a friend with the only plan of hoping it went higher? As you complete our step by step interactive lessons, you will learn how to formulate a game plan before you buy any stock and you will learn how simple it is to read stock charts without the use of all those fancy indicators that are useless. Even more importantly you will learn lessons that are structured to look into the psychology of who you are so we can find your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.


My greatest weaknesses, buying stocks near 52-week highs. Once I turned that lapse into a strength my trading improved and so will yours!

Once you have completed these lessons in Game Planning, Chart Reading, and Trading Psychology programs (these cost $1,000 each, a $3,000+ cost that is included with your membership). You will be invited into our exclusive Alpha Chat to begin trading alongside our team of professional traders!



Lets recap what you will learn:


- How to game plan a trade

- How to read stock charts correctly

- How to know when to stay or get out of a position


Major Assumption "I need a lot of money to start trading!"

Now most assume they need $10k, $25k, or $100k to start. Yet our members are trading anywhere from their first $1,000 and working their way up to million dollar accounts. Ever see some of our members like Phil Neiman or Carl Theodore on our Instagram story putting up $10,000+ days? Last year the Alpha Chat locked in over a million dollars in profit and we have already exceeded that milestone 5 months into 2019, our goal this year is to lock in $5,000,000+! Mark my words; we will exceed that goal!


Remember how scary the end of 2018 was?


In 2018 we had three 10%+ corrections and a bear market that sent the market free falling 22% in a year which hit a record all time high just weeks prior! We see market volatility continuing to ramp up. For the uneducated it can be terrifying to see the market rise and drop at such an alarming rate. When you can read charts, its a gold mine! Our worst trade of 2018 resulted in a 5% loss, our best trade, NKTR, that we called through $25, went on a 400% run to $110 in only 4 months!



90% of investors were buying the highs in 2018 and selling out into the December lows, sound familiar? We were freeing up cash at highs in 2018, and we are doing the same now, just when the same uneducated crowd comes piling back in!



You will uncover these secrets to trading during these rocky times in Swinging with Sharks, Trade Theory and The Secret that go over specific strategies on how to avoid corrections, take advantage of range bound markets (what we are currently in) and how to profit in Bear Markets like Q4 2018. These are not strategies a college professor will teach you, all of our lessons are from real-world trading!


Now how many books have you read on trading yet none of them ever tells you when to sell or how to take profits? We noticed the same problem too and put together an entire program on how and why we sell stocks to lock in gains that you will learn from Taking Profits.


Each of these programs have saved our members from those costly losses that most learn the hard way when they try to teach themselves. While avoiding those unnecessary mistakes, our members have stuffed over $1,000,000 in their pockets in 2018 yet 90% of trader rather uniquely lose money thousands of different ways. Which would you rather be in the small group that makes money or one of the sheep in the crowd losing money with everyone else?


How can we save you time? The most valuable commodity of all!



Picture your perfect weekend. Wait your ideal Saturday and Sunday is not doing 10 hours of market research for the week ahead? If your ideal weekend is anything other than scanning 1,000+ daily charts, then we have you covered. We do all the heavy lifting scanning all the markets and finding the highest probability set ups and delivering them to your inbox with a pretty little bow every weekend. Instead of 10 hours of research a day, you only need a few minutes to read our newsletters. Yes newsletters, you receive 2 of them every weekend for the trading week ahead! First let's dive into The Big Picture!




We don't bog you don't with industry jargon, we keep it simple and easy to digest, The Big Picture focus is on where smart money is moving its money to for the week ahead. Right now the US market is a bit extended up over 20% off lows, can you guess which two international markets look ripe for the picking? You don't? When you are a member you will know which two international markets we are loading up on! This newsletter is more for your longer term investment, now lets jump into The Shake Down that has the liquid gold in it!

(one country starts with an I and the other with an R)

While The Big Picture focuses on the macro outlook, The Shake Down focuses on our top swing trading ideas for the week ahead, scroll through our best ideas without having to scanning a few thousand charts, cherry pick which ideas you like most, enter your buy stops and go back to enjoying your weekend. What would take you 10-20 hours of research a week, has been cut down to a few minutes! Like everything else mentioned, these newsletters are worth more than $200 a month and they're included with your membership with us!



On top of The Big Picture and Shake Down newsletters you also have full access to our latest addition. This mobile application took over 2 years and over $487,521 to develop! Now we might be Trading Experts however we are no app developers and we spared no expense hiring one of the brightest app development teams from MIT to solve another huge problem traders face. Can you guess what the problem was?



Missing Trades!



Ever find a stock that you want to buy, only to miss the buy and see it up 10,20 or 30% higher? That has happened to us so many times it kills me to even think about all those missed gains. Our application solves that problem for you once and for all. As the stocks in our newsletter are approaching their breakout levels our application notifies you in real time, saving you from missing all of those breakout trades and time sitting in front of a computer! You can see the Alpha Alerts program at work below:


(As VRTX approaches the $190 buy level, you are notified in real time, from there you can enter your buy stop and move on with your day)

On top of all of this, we update your longer term financial plan yearly, wait you have never put one together before? You don't know how much you need to retire and live your dream life sitting on the beach with your toes in the sand? We can help with that.


Take any hundred people at the start of their working careers and follow them for 40 years until they reach retirement age, and here's what you'll find, according to the Social Security Administration:
1 will be wealthy, 4 will be financially secure, 5 will continue to work because they need to, 36 will have already died, and 54 will be broke living off Social Security and help from family. 5% are successful while 95% are unsuccessful. Care to guess which group had financial planning?


When was the last time you had a financial adviser look at your 401k and make sure it's set up properly? I can already tell you there is a 90% chance you are contributing pre-tax (wrong) and investing in a costly target date fund (also wrong). What if I told you that once we can help you make 2 simple changes, that take all of 2 minutes and you will have an extra $500,000+ tax free at retirement if you follow our advice.


If having a fun enjoyable retirement is a goal of yours, we can help get you in the 5% who are able to attain it while for the other 95% hope and don't act, so they can only dream!


The dreamers listen to the same (wrong) story, you know the trade your trading account and hold your retirement account, yet all that does is increase your tax bill every year. What if I told you we have specific tax strategies that are perfectly legal that your rich neighbor has been doing his entire life? Once we arm you with this knowledge think of how many friends and family members you can help. Now these secrets we know only because we worked at investment banks and if you want to call up Goldman Sachs, don't worry I will wait, go ahead give them a call, to get the same information all you will need is to meet their account minimums of $5,000,000!


(remember in The Big Short when they were $100,000,000 short of the account minimum, they were a hedge fund and couldn't get past the lobby)



You will learn specific investment strategies for:

- 401k's

- IRA's

-Taxable Accounts

-529 and UTMA's


Looking to work on Wall St?


We are not done making your investment career more profitable, now you might be looking to get a head start working on Wall St? We partnered with a top recruiting firm in NYC to help with resume editing, interview preparation and job placement for our members on Wall St and all over the US. We have already helped members get jobs at Hedge Funds, at Proprietary Trading firms, and at Investment Banks this year.


We have a team of recruiters at your fingertips 24/7. Try to call any top recruiting firm in NYC and see if they are eager to help. With us, it's simply a snap of the finger and we can push you to the front of the line. How do you think Ben is working at one of the largest investment banks? It surely wasn't his 2.4 GPA, I can tell you that!


All of these benefits are included with your All Access membership, if you were to try and pay for all of these separately it would cost you  an arm and a leg, forget about how much we have invested into putting these benefits together such as the $487,521 we spent on just the app.


You can have access to all of for less than $5,000 a year or less than $400 a month and you can cancel anytime, no questions asked. We designed our lessons so you do not need us forever, however we find our members still don't want to leave due to the community Trading Experts has become.





Now you might be thinking it's too expensive to learn however when I think back to all my early losses and years I wasted compared to watching our members continuously grow their accounts. Since we started this business we still have not had 1 of members blow up their account from our teaching. If you have blown up an account or two before, that stops with us, we will make sure of it! It might just be an investment in your future that is worth the cost. If you don't feel the same after the first month, there is no contract and you can quit with the click of a button. Frankly, I lost more than that in my first penny stock trade and didn't learn a thing from it.


So lets recap the 3 main benefits from our service!


1. Proper Trading Education (knowledge)

2. Community of Profitable Traders (network)

3. Giving Best Trading Idea's Daily (profits)


Did we forget to mention the Alpha chat is surrounded by successful entrepreneurs?

Now lets recap your 2 key areas of risk!


1. Investment in your financial future (cost)

2. 10 minutes a day of learning (time)


If you can think of any other risks call my cell 201-681-5633 and we can go over your concerns, If we don't answer your concerns venmo request $20 @bennett_zamani


For the first 5 people to take advantage of this offer right now, you will get all the benefits of our All Access membership ($367 a month) for the price of our Alpha Alerts cost of $179 a month! If you are slow on the keys, don't worry, you can still join however it will be at a higher rate after the first 5 join.


Click here to join now and as an extra gift enter INVEST100 at checkout for a surprise!


PS if you join and after a month say hey this isn't for me, all you have to do is email us (TradingExperts1@gmail.com) saying "refund" and we will refund you 100% of your money no questions asked, if you feel your trading didn't improve I will make a $100 donation to the charity of your choice and you can keep all 12 of our Trading Programs for free!


 The 28 out of 8,000 mutual funds that did there jobs are below!

Now if none of that works for you and you want nothing to do with us, at least let's share with you a little secret that most don't know. 99.99% of mutual funds don't beat the market, out of 8,000+ mutual funds in the last decade, only 28 made the cut. While 7972 failed to do their sole job of beating the SPY. These 28 funds also have at least a million dollars of the fund managers own money in it! Now the easy answer is to just buy the SPY however most rather do more work while under performing (we call this the IKEA effect), so at least we narrowed the list down for you! Obviously we are not saying these 28 will continue to do so, however I rather pick the LeBron's of the group instead of the Miles Plumlee's.





From Ben G and Shake P

Founders Of Trading Experts

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