175 Books to Read!

175 Books To Keep You Busy For The Next 3 Years! 

In my last 28 years of life, I have read over 175 books, however I read them all in the last 3 years. The average adult in the US reads less than 1 book a year, so if you are reading at least 2 books a year you are in the top 1%, however at that pace it will take you the rest of your life to learn what I have in the last 3 years. Now I am not saying that to make you feel bad, you should care less what I have read quite frankly. My experience with books was like most, reading? Boring, that's for nerds! In the beginning it was a process to even read a page, now if I don’t read a chapter a day I feel off. Some mediate, some sit in the sauna and sweat it out, my method is reading. Below are a few simple tactics I use to stay consistent and some of the 175 books I have read in the last 3 years. In 2019 my goal is to read 75 books, what is yours?

Reading Tips 

  • Leave your phone on silent in the other room away from your wandering eye (put it on the charger)
  • Have a goal to read 1 page a day
    • Keep the same goal of 1 page a day, however work towards completing 1 chapter a day 

    The average book is around 200 to 250 pages long and the average chapter is 10 to 20 pages, if you read 1 chapter a day, you will finish the average book in 2 weeks. It's really that simple. Eventually you should be able to finish a book in a week. Hence why you always see the click bait stories of the 50 books Bill Gates reads a year, he reads about a 1 book a week. 

  • Have a pen or highlighter to underline or mark what you find is important 
  • Ripe out the pages you underline 

  • The odds of most completing a book are extremely low, the odds of someone rereading the book is dramatically lower, rip the fucking page out so you can review the gem that stood out to you! 

  • Have a notepad nearby with a pen to write down what you underlined

  • Why? Very simple:

    You retain about 12% of what you read 

    You retain about 23% of what you write down 

    You retain about 33% of what you read, write down and review within 2 days 

    There is nothing worse than reading a book only to forget what you learned, trust me it will happen. If you start off on the right path the time spend reading will have that much of a bigger impact. 

  •  Set specific times to read 

  • You will eat food at some point during the day, start reading during those times, I first started reading during lunch, than I started to read during lunch and in the evenings, now I read when I get up, during lunch, and during the evening. Now before you hit me with your lazy excuse of “I’m busy, blah, blah, blah” read the next bullet point. 

    • Use “If/When Then” statements to stay accountable daily 

    If/when I want to sit down and watch TV, then I will ready 1 page first. 

    This statement can work on any area you are trying to improve as well. Say it's working out. 

    If/when I want to have that bowl of ice cream after I eat, first I will do 100 pushups/go to the gym/etc. 

    Guess where I learned all these tips from? The list of books below, before you ask which book should you read or the laziest question of all “should I read XYZ?” know the answer is always yes, read the damn book, there are books on this list I hated, however in every book there is usually 1 main gem that you take away from it, however, you have to invest the time to uncover it. If I told you in Never Split The Difference, the main phrase from the book to use on someone asking you a ridiculous request:

    Hey can I borrow $10,000 for my new startup that will beat Facebook? (ridiculous request)  

    Response “How am I supposed to do that?

    Even right now, you don't value that lesson, spend 250 pages of reading the book and you will see how powerful that statement is. Below I listed all the books I have read in a few key categories however in no real specific order, as what I find important, you might not, however out of the 5,000,000 plus books out their at least we narrowed the list down to less than 200. One last thing, don't be a sucker and buy the books new like a rookie, Amazon used you prima donna, the average book should cost you $4 to $8, $20 max. Each category is listed in my order of favorite to least.

    Personal Favorites 

    The Go Giver

    Stone Soup


    Man's Search Of Meaning

    Way of the Peaceful Warrior

    Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

    Mr Shmooze


    Never Split The Difference

    The Way of the Superior Man

    Make Your Bed

    Give and Take

    Rejection Proof

    Raving Fans


    How to Win and Influence Friends

    The Secret

    The 48 Laws of Power

    Rich Dad, Poor Dad

    The Alchemist



    How I made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market

    How to Make Money with Stocks 


    Money master the game

    Trading In The Zone

    The Wealth Elite

    One Good Trade

    Hedge Fund Market Wizards

    Rules Of The Trade

    The Modern Trade 

    The Big Secret for the Small Investor

    The Little Book That Beats The Market

    The Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit from it

    Financial Advising/Money 

    Wealth management unwrapped

    The Million Dollar Advisor 

    You Are a Badass at Making Money

    Dollar and Sense


    The Ultimate Sales Machine

    Way of the Wolf

    Little Red Book of Selling

    The Go Giver Sell More

    Pushing the Envelope

    Just Sell The Damn Thing

    When Buyers Say No

    Getting to yes

    Soft selling

    Why We Buy


    No Thanks I’m Just Looking

    Million Dollar Bedroom


    The Mackay Mba of Selling in the Real World

    Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty

    Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt

    Zero to One

    The Dip

    The Art of the Deal

    I’ll Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse

    The 4 Hour Work Week

    The 10 pillars of Wealth

    Automate and Grow

    The Ultimate Sales Letter

    99 Negotiating Strategies

    The Membership Economy

    Buy It Rent It, Profit

    The Automatic Customer

    Business Adventures

    Subscription Marketing

    The E Myth Revisited

    Subscription marketing


    The Tax and Legal Playbook

    Tribe of Mentors

    Tools of Titans



    The Go Giver Leader

    The Go Giver Influencer

    The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding

    All Marketers are Liars

    Trust Me I’m lying

    Brand Washed

    The Consuming Instinct


    Marketing Blueprint

    Purple Cow

    Branding is sex

    The Power of Visual Storytelling

    Jab jab right Hook


    Made to Stick

    Lipstick on a Pig


    Gucci mane

    Mike Bloomberg


    The Great Beanie Baby Bubble

    Billion Dollar Whale

    Molly’s game


    Bad blood


    How to Turn Down a Billion Dollars

    The House Jack Ma Built


    The Wolf of World Street


    For the Love of Money

    Happy Money

    Catching the Wolf of Wall St 

    Don’t You Know Who I Think I am

    Eleven rings

    Cartel wives

    Fire and fury

    Dangerous odds

    The Art and Science of Respect

    Goodbye Gordon hello

    The Billionaire's Apprentice

    The Way of the Knife

    The Upstarts

    The Big Short

    Black Edge

    The Spider Network


    Methods of persuasion


    Predictably irrational



    The Small Big

    Side Tracked


    Assholes finish first

    Hilarity ensues

    Straight to hell

    The Rest  


    Perennial seller


    Rock Paper Scissors

    Hopping Over The Rabbit

    Think like a Freak

    How to Talk to Anyone

    Take the Stairs

    Tiger Virtues

    Magic of Impromptu Speaking

    The Like Switch

    Only the Paranoid Survive

    Fooled by Randomness


    Decade of Change

    The One Minute Manager



    The Book of 5 Rings

    We Got Fired


    Ponzi Factor

    Deduct Everything

    Growth Hacker


    The Art of Execution

    Switch on Your Brain

    A Buglers Guide to the City

    Ted Talks

    Discipline Equals Freedom

    Wheelbarrow Profits

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