11 Rules to Live or Die by

  1. Never add to a losing position.
  2. Trade like you're at war (take the money, S&P's average annual return is 7%- if you can get 4-5% in a day or two take it).
  3. Holding a loser drains your mental capital, as well as your actual capital.
  4. We've never been in the business of "buying low and selling high" who knows where the low is, we are here to buy high and sell higher.
  5. Buy what's strong, sell what's weak.
  6. Keep technical's simple.
  7. Patient with winners, impatient with losers.
  8. Do more of what's working.
  9. New highs are meant to be bought, new lows are meant to be sold.
  10. When everyone wants to buy something, sell it to them (think the crypto craze!)
  11. Most importantly all rules are meant to be broken.

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