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Our Trading Expert Billy taking what he has been learning from us and holding onto some great stock!
Our goal is to help new traders learn what is needed Member or not, if you ask for our help, we are more than willing!
Free Trading Lesson : If you are swinging a stock and it gaps down against you, opens below your stop, what do you do? Just puke out, hope for the best? What we do is wait for the first 15 minute bar to close, from there we put our stop below the low of that 15 min bar. From there the trade has already failed and its time to sell into any bounce.
We love to see the transformation our members make, even in a few months time we can see the difference in there trading ability!
We helped this active trader improve on his risk reward in his trades! He like most were aiming for 2:1 and having a hard time, with tighter risk and focusing on bigger moves, he has been able to be more profitable with less trading. Less is more

You too can learn how to trade like a professional but that is up to YOU to decide, not us, you can say "tomorrow" or "next week" or "after the next full moon" you will start to learn expect successful people get things done today, not tomorrow. That's the difference from the guy driving the Ferrari and the guy in the Honda saying said Ferrari driver is dick for driving fast. Hes driving fast because hes getting shit done today! To learn more and become a member the link is below to sign up!

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