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People tend to belief that trading needs to be complicated, that you need 8 monitors and millions of dollars to make money. Ask any trader, the simpler the strategy the better and that's what we teach here at Trading Experts, here's what some of our Members and Non Members have to say!


Our Trading Experts Member Derek crushing his trade of the week in TSRO!


One of our newer members has only been with us for about a month and he is already starting to understand chart patterns better and his profits are increasing!

We hear all day long, of people who think they can make money with penny stocks, we warned him (this was a month ago)

Lets check what happened since then.......

Not too surprising, every one loves the allure of quick money, however we have yet to talk to anyone who makes real money with penny stocks (6-7 figures).


Mean while as people like Brian (above, Non Member) are losing money in Penny Stocks our members are.....

Our trade of the week SO crushed it last week as the market went into a free fall and some of our members made out handsomely!


"This was a good call..Crazy thing I just looking at this chart" - Trading Experts Member Chris Rod

"Solid $500 gain" - Trading Experts Member Max Lyon (up well over $3k this month)

"You've done it again" - Trading Experts Member Linneth 

"Definitely recommend Trading Experts" - Trading Experts Member Mister Wolf


"I am so glad I joined!" - Trading Experts Member Treasure Williams


We asked a follower (non member) we were trying to help

"What is your game plan?" - Trading Experts

"To earn money" - Non Member


If we asked the same question to one of our members it would be as follows:

"What is your game plan?" - Trading Experts

"Ticker : SO, Long through $51.50, stop at $50.49 ($1 risk) target is $54+ to make at least 5:1 risk reward. Risking $100 to make at least $500 per 100 shares."

Can you see the difference, who do you think is going to be successful in the long run?

If you want to drive a car like this, you can work harder than 99% of your competition or learn from the person who has already beaten 99% of his competition and can prove it. 

If you made it this far, you are working harder than 99%  of the people out there, if you want to start learning now, email us  at saying "Lets Start"


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