See what you missed out on this week!

See what you missed out on this week!

Here is one our our trades this week, waiting for that $108 area to break out and happy to hear some of our members made some money in this name!

This member has a "small account" invested $540 and made $225 in 2 days with his options trade in a $108 stock! That's a 84% gain in that options trade and he did not have to buy some penny stock to make that type of gain!

Now stop scrolling if you don't want to read about our member Max who made almost $10 this month from our Real Time Trade Alerts FOMO to the Max (no pun intended)


This member wanted to cancel and we made a mistake (were human remember), we fixed the issue before he even noticed our mistake and now Mr. Jenkins has decided to stay with us. We are here to take our members trading to the next level.

If our service was free, our members would not truly value our teaching, once you put a price tag on knowledge, there is a bigger desire to get your moneys worth's. As you can see from our Member Max who pays probably $30 a month, he is definitely getting his money's worth! Cleared almost $10,000 this month from our Trade Alerts!

Max cleared over $2k in VUZI and $300 short of a $10,000 profit month ! Max has only been with us for about 4 months now. Lets take a look at the chart below and another member who crushed this trade with us!

When you become a member you will see where we got in, however as you can see our stop was $6.99 in this trade with most of our members selling there stock in the $9 range. We tend to avoid this cheaper names, however this being a secondary play off of all the Pokemon Go hype we could not let this one go!

Our trading member Mr Wolf, was getting a little impatient when VUZI pulled into the mid $7 while ours and his stop was at $6.99, he stuck in, the stock held above our stop and ripped and he made out handsomely !

Max having one of his best trades with us so far clearing over $2k in VUZI, most people think you need to trade 10 stocks a day 5 days a week to make money. With swing trading Max cleared just about $10k this month on probably 5 to 6 trades.

Does Max sound like he has a plan? Of course, he locked in gains, held some stock and than continued to sell more as VUZI ripped higher. This is how a professional trades. The untrained trader who loses money simply saying I want to sell it shit but when, where, why?


Lets switch gears and take a look at one of our members who made $700 this week in OSK!

Trading requires patience but when your patients pays off its the best feeling in the world! Lets take a look at the chart below 

OSK, was forming a perfect daily Bull Flag, our member got in around $46 a share, with a stop at $44.99, you can see when you buy strong stocks (trading in the upper right corner) you get rewarded !

Sound like he has a plan? Fuck yeah, now even if the trade fails he already locked in $700+ and the last 100 shares would fail if it goes back to his break even. Do you think our member sees the value in our membership that has helped him make $700 in profits and has another $800 + profits in his remaining position in this trade?


"Lesson 3 has taught me a lot more about trading" - All Access Member Cody


Happy to hear everyone enjoyed reading the lessons from our worst trade back in 2011 where we lost over $60,000 !

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