$ee What You've Been Missing

Happy to hear our Member Troy has been impressed with our lessons so far by saying " You were right I learned a shit ton"

Another Member profiting from our Trade Alert in GILD short that he was able to profit from via Put Options!


Here is one of our Trade Alerts from this week, which was GWPH long as it broke out above $106 and was off to the races up $5 points in one day of trading. If the trade failed we would have lost around $200, however it took off like a bat out of hell and we locked in 6:1 risk reward in the trade in 6 hours.

"I watched the recap video last night, some crazy moves, I'm excited for the coming week" - Trading Expert Member Kain

That's what sets us apart, we are always here and are with you through the entire journey. Others will just send you a PDF file and say go to work. We are with you through each lesson and trade to point out the errors and how to fix them.

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