Dont pinch Pennys to lose Thousands

*******This is not a Trade Experts Member, but someone we were trying to help******
We were chatting with a trader who was asking us, our thoughts on a trade he just put on. We ask what was his game plan? Whats your risk, why are you in, etc etc.
This trader had no game plan, bought the stock because it was "cheap", had no idea of a stop, or when to get out if he was wrong and only plan was to sell it higher. A receipt for disaster!
We told him very clearly that it was a very bad game plan, and will more or likely result in him losing money. We offered our All Access Membership ($35 a month) and could help set him up a proper game plan for this trade and stop the bleeding. As well as learning to make proper game plans for all his trades going forward.  He was not interested and was going to think about it.
Fast forward 3 days later, this person follows up with us because his losses are now mounting even higher,  the "cheap" stock he bought, had just gapped down huge and his losses were getting larger in larger. With an additional $1,500 more in losses on this trade that we offered to help him with less than 3 days prior.
With no end game plan in sight for this trader, it will be virtually impossible for him to make money trading because he lacks a proper game plan. This trader is still putting on more losing trades as a result. The $35 investment in his education would have saved him those loses 50 fold in just 3 days, let alone all his future trades.

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